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Insurance Quote Term Life
Insurance Quote Term Life
Insurance Quote Term Life
Insurance Quote Term Life
Insurance Quote Term Life
Insurance Quote Term Life
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Low Cost Life Insurance - Term

Term life insurance policies are designed to provide financial protection at a relatively low cost particularly during the early years of one's life. The contract between the policy owner and the insurance company is for a specific period of time or "term." Term policies deliver pure death benefit protection, and appeal primarily to those seeking low cost - effective temporary coverage.

Who Needs Term Life Insurance:

  • People with a shorter term need for life insurance protection.
  • Those who need a large amount of life insurance protection at a low cost due to a limited budget.
  • People with specific business needs (e.g., business owners who want to cover the life of a key employee who has a set number of years until retirement).

Why Do You Need Low Cost Life Insurance:

  • It may cover your family's immediate financial needs at a lower out-of-pocket cost than whole life insurance.
  • It may help to protect and maintain your family's standard of living.
  • It may create a valuable emergency fund for unforeseen expenses when your family needs it most - at the insured's death.
  • It may clear any short-term debt that has accumulated over time to give your family a "clean financial slate."
  • It will make sure that your family can pay the monthly mortgage.
  • It may safeguard your children's education costs.
  • It may pay off any outstanding personal and business loans.
  • It can fund a buy-sell agreement for a start-up business to help provide for an orderly change of business ownership.
  • It can supplement whole life insurance coverage until more can be purchased.

Term Life Insurance Coverage and Benefits:

  • Provides protection for a specific term (typically one to twenty years)
  • Produces a death benefit that is generally free from income taxes
  • It is often renewable after the policy term without evidence of insurability
  • Usually costs less than whole life insurance in the short-term
  • Can usually be converted to permanent insurance with the same company during part of the life of the policy
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